5 Reasons to Enroll in OBMC Professional Senior High School

DEC 20


The future decides what is the best type of education for students today. With that said, why should teenagers enroll under the GAS program of the OBMC Professional Senior High School?

OBMC’s General Academic Strand (GAS) combines the essential knowledge from the sciences, business, and humanities. Students have the flexibility to explore various disciplines, ensure the development of critical thinking, hone problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities while deepening their understanding of ethics and morality. This well-curated curriculum gives the students a holistic education valued in today’s complex global world.

Why is the GAS necessary before entering college

It is now more practical and necessary for students to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes that can serve as a holistic foundation for higher education and adult life. This foundation helps students pursue a career path they genuinely wish to take, and position themselves as future leaders of industry and in communities.

There is no other academic strand like the GAS that can better support Senior High students in establishing a solid multi-disciplinary foundation in education.

Even top colleges and universities worldwide emphasize the importance of undergraduate students having a holistic liberal arts education, which helps them to examine multiple ideas and perspectives and to solve complex problems with the goal of changing their communities and nation for the better. Hence, a strong background in liberal arts that the GAS program offers gives students the edge once they enter higher education.

But why choose the General Academic Strand that OBMC offers? Below are 5 reasons why.

5 Reasons to Enroll in OBMC Professional Senior High School

1. Hone research skills

Universities and colleges highlight the importance of research in today’s academic world. Any undergraduate program will always require students to submit papers and group reports.

Students trained to do their research before entering college will have the advantage of excelling in their courses.

The OBMC SHS curriculum includes subjects like Practical Research 1 and 2, Statistics, and Media Literacy. Here, teachers guide students to sift through mountains of data and cite only relevant information.

Their teachers also train them to be critical thinkers in identifying credible sources and not be swayed by fake news or information. Thanks to databases such as EBSCOhost, students also get proper resources for quality research on any academic subject.

2. Develop a critical, progressive mind

Competency in research goes beyond memorizing, understanding, or appreciating the information given. Our curriculum emphasizes critical, creative, and collaborative thinking—all hallmarks of a progressive and wisdom-driven thinker.

Subjects such as Critical Thinking in the 21st Century guide students to do their due diligence and practice supporting claims with logical thinking.

Social Science and Humanities subjects also help students value academic integrity. This helps give credit where it is due and not steal someone else's work.

Through proper research, students learn to find relevant yet compassionate answers to the whys and hows of things in the world to benefit society and the nation.

3. Form a strong moral compass

Building on the lessons in Values Education and Social Studies back in Junior High School, Senior High students further strengthen their values and solidify their morals here.

Subjects like Philosophy and the Social Sciences also make students aware of themselves and their place in society. They are able to evaluate issues with not just a critical mind, but as creative and caring solution providers relevant to their communities.

4. Learn leadership skills

In today’s fast-paced and progressive world, leaders are needed more than ever to help others keep up and thrive toward a better community life.

This requires independence, confidence, and empathy to guide a group toward achieving goals or advocacies. These qualities are seen in our students as we teach them to become effective and competent leaders.

Group projects are more common in college, especially when making reports or presentations. Professional work is no different, as projects always require someone to take charge. Our leadership training teaches students to take responsibility for the people in their group, helping them become better individuals and team players, both in higher education and at a professional level.

5. Get practical life skills

The subjects taught in OBMC cover a wide range of disciplines. Subjects like Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Disaster Readiness prepare Senior High School students for life outside the campus.

These subjects teach how to earn and manage finances, care for their health, and even prepare for disasters. This way, they can graduate knowing more than just skills for their jobs but also how to live everyday life outside of work.

As an added benefit, our SHS faculty have professional experience in their respective fields. We have math teachers who were engineers, science teachers who worked in laboratories, accounting teachers who owned businesses, and humanities and social science teachers who are also active researchers or were part of prominent media companies in the Philippines. And so, our teachers can provide both knowledge and experiential wisdom regarding their respective fields.

The Takeaway

School shouldn’t just be a place to train students for a job. Instead, students must be trained to become future leaders in their communities or country, and captains of industry—entrepreneurs, inventors, and businessmen who use knowledge, conviction, and influence to make positive contributions or changes for nation building. While studying for a career is essential, establishing a solid holistic and multi-disciplinary foundation is more crucial.

The O.B. Montessori General Academic Strand highlights this vital aspect of education. All this is for the love of oneself, the community, and the country.

If you want to learn more about what OB Montessori can offer its students, check out our website and give us a chat!