OBMC Enters the World of Microgreens and Hydroponics

OCT 06


O.B. Montessori Center’s Agriculture faculty and staff learned the ropes of a new urban gardening technique in a seminar entitled “Microgreen Production and Hydroponics” last September 22, 2023, at OBMC Greenhills.

The speaker was Roel Guzman, a businessman and urban farmer into microgreen production and hydroponics. This innovative and more sustainable way of growing crops and plants has revolutionized the food and agriculture industries for the past decade. Its many benefits include higher yields, faster growth rates, and more efficient use of resources.

Mr. Guzman showed the agriculture teachers and staff some sample microgreens from sunflower seeds, green peas, red mizuna, and watercress. Microgreens are herbs and vegetables grown from seeds and harvested in their seedling form.

Then, Mr. Guzman introduced the basics of a hydroponic system to the participants, who created their hydroponic systems out of boxes and styrofoam cups. Hydroponics uses water-based nutrient solutions to grow crops and plants instead of soil. In a controlled environment, this technique produces a consistent, quality yield all year long.


In his journey of producing microgreens and practicing hydroponics, Mr. Guzman shared his experiences and the valuable insights he gained.

First, he learned that anyone can produce crops without the need for land or a carabao. He maximized his 50-square-meter land and has grown over 1,500 heads of lettuce.

Second, he learned that having a green thumb is a myth. It means a person doesn’t have to be naturally good at planting. Crops will grow if the person uses the right seed, tools, and procedure.

The Agriculture faculty intends to incorporate microgreen production and hydroponics into its curriculum. By doing so, the students will learn that through urban farming, they can also produce their food within their available space.

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