OBMC and PCG initiate Trash to Trees Project’s 2nd Phase

MAR 29

Squad Tents

March 20, 2022 saw a joint tree planting project with O.B. Montessori Center and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary 109th Squadron. This was led by Auxiilary Commodore Jomar de la Peña and OBMC’s Mr. Jason Sahagun.

This is the 2nd phase of the Trash to Trees Project, taking place aboard the Coast Guard Marine Environmental Training Center. This facility is located in Sitio Malaking Bato in Abucay, Bataan.

The Trash to Trees initiative involves segregation and collation of recyclable materials participated in by the Professional High School students of OBMC. These are later sold in material recovery facilities. The proceeds are then used to buy tree saplings.

For the initial phase in 2021, the collected trash was sold to recycling facilities. These proceeds reached to almost PHP 85,000, which is awaiting allocation. Meanwhile, generous souls donated enough funds to purchase 100 tree saplings. These included Golden Showers, Lemon, Fire, Narra and Calamansi trees.

There are 2 objectives in this program: First is to reduce the amount of plastics and recyclables that end up in our landfills, waterways, and oceans. Second is to also address the decreasing number of trees. This in turn will help address flooding and landslide problems due to deforestation in affected areas of the Philippines.

Thanks to the proceeds gained from ongoing efforts of selling trash to collection and recycling facilities, more saplings can be purchased in the future.

CG Vice Admiral Rolando Lizor Punzalan, Jr. was also present for this activity. He led personnel from the PCG's Marine Environmental Protection Command, its subunits from National Operation Center for Oil Pollution, Marine Environmental Protection Training Center and MEP Force NCRCL, and CG Station Bataan.

Vice Admiral Punzalan lauded the initiative as "a sublime program that shall be made part of the PCG and MEPCOM's advocacy".

The Trash to Trees project is still in its infancy, but those looking for more information can read about it on the OB Montessori website. Interested parties may also call OB Montessori Center’s Greenhills branch at (02) 8722-9720 to 27.