Sentimental Journey

MAY 26

Sentimental Journey

By: Charisse Lee, Fairview Campus

What a way to end our OBMC days: with a totally unexpected, thoroughly awesome, freakishly heartwarming tagpuan at Preziosa Botanic Resort!

Top on my list of the most memorable experiences about our incredible bubble weekend was the “Bonfire and Acoustic Night.” I love how everyone was getting along with one another even if we came from different sections and have not seen each other physically for two years. Being at the bonfire was like being in an outdoor concert! Everyone cheered and sang along with the singers while roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, and drinking hot chocolate around the campfire.

The second experience was “A Night to Remember” at the Istanbul Lounge. Margarita and mojito, punch, wine, and champagne were served to us so we all had a little kick that made us have more fun. We sang karaoke songs, played games such as talong race and palakihan ng plastic balloon, and played throwback videos from Grade 7 to Grade 12, which made the night more sentimental and nostalgic.

The third on my list was when we ate at the Bahay Kubo. All of us went around and wrote letters and remarkable memories that we wanted to say on the plain white shirts of our classmates. Everyone gave their speech and some even cried as we reminisced about the fun memories we had in high school.

The three days and two nights at Preziosa felt short and we didn’t even realize that it was the last day already because we had so much fun catching up and telling stories to one another. Even if we go our separate ways now as we enter college, I will always cherish these memories and be grateful for the people who shaped and became part of my high school life forever.