Tagpuan sa Preziosa: A Reunion to Remember

MAY 26

Tagpuan sa Preziosa

By: Eleica Y. Snyder, Angeles Campus

Two years into the pandemic, the class of 2022 gathered together once again at Preziosa Botanic Resort in March to reminisce on the good times and to make memories bound to last a lifetime.

With graduation nearing, Tagpuan sa Preziosa was the perfect opportunity for students and teachers to bond and catch up after seeing each other through digital screens for the past two years. While we were not able to experience the overnight camping and Le Bal Prom due to the pandemic, the bubble weekend was more than enough to make the last few months of our high school life unforgettable.

My top three most memorable moments from the bubble weekend are “Acoustic Night,” “A Night to Remember,” and the burying of our time capsule.

After years of not being able to see each other physically, we finally gathered around the bonfire and sang along to the acoustic performances of our classmates and teachers. There were also dance numbers and games arranged by the class for everyone to enjoy.

Tagpuan sa Preziosa

The second memorable moment should be taken exactly for what it says―A Night to Remember. Everyone got dressed for the occasion, drank a few cocktails, sang their hearts out during karaoke time, and exchanged gifts. It turned out to be a meaningful send-off party we would all remember.

Finally, the burying of our time capsule was the most significant and sentimental part of the bubble weekend. It was a tribute to the memories of the past, to the people we are at present, and to the people we will be in the future. As we sealed and buried our time capsule, we took with us the promise that in ten years, though we may be on different paths, we will all return to the same tagpuan, as friends and as people we are all proud to be.

Tagpuan sa Preziosa