How OBMC’s SHS General Academic Strand can Open your Worldview

AUG 11


Education is constantly evolving, with new methods and approaches opening to parents, students, and educators. For Senior High School, Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center (OBMC) knows what is effective: the General Academic Strand (GAS).

Students in secondary education continue to be fueled by passion for many different activities. Because of this, they must be free to explore the world and themselves. Instead of limiting the child to one field, the OBMC GAS curriculum sets the students on a path of excellence in all fields―with an orientation towards critical quality research and social responsibility.

An example of this is how a well-developed skill in writing and analysis of data has helped many OBMC SHS graduates develop research papers that are forward-looking. From topics such as social inequity, accessibility of public goods, or feasible business models, students have shown how they can stand their ground in the arena of idea expression.

Elocution Social Awareness

Gaining a solid foundation in research is crucial across all disciplines. In the areas of Language, Communication, Sciences, Mathematics, Economics, and the Humanities, reliable research skills will allow students to look at the present situation with a critical gaze and to envision developments grounded on data. This will prepare them for college, and for the world.

Freedom of choice

Even when students believe they have settled on a career choice already, the OBMC GAS curriculum remains the best option for those who have completed Junior High School.

Business-oriented students will be welcomed by quality courses designed by teachers who are knowledgeable on field practice. The school has also prepared an avenue for them to interact with many experts. To prepare the students for the world of work, they are required to work out organizational matters and start-up proposals in the classroom.

Entrepreneurship     An Entrepreneurship

Students who are interested in Mathematics and the Sciences will be thrilled to see how the Mathematics and Sciences subjects of OBMC GAS prepare them to take qualifying exams for advanced courses in college at an accelerated rate.

Those who are keen in the Arts will also find their home here because several subjects offer opportunities to display and hone their skill. Students are prepared to stage a play, to discuss the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, to view art with a critical eye, and more.

Regardless of student preference, OBMC ensures that Senior High School is committed to its mandate of encouraging the child’s development of intellect, growth of character, and fulfillment of potential, both inside the classroom and beyond.

Content knowledge changes, but a strong character that undergirds one’s skills timelessly accompanies students throughout their lives.