For the Love of Mathematics

MAR 15


Teen mathematician Zedric Philip D. Ramirez represented O.B. Montessori Center and won medals in the heat rounds of Big Bay Bei (BBB), Thailand Int’l Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO), and Hong Kong Int’l Science Olympiad (HKISO) from October to December 2023.

As a Grade 1 student, Zedric struggled with basic math. His dad, a math and physics olympian in high school, taught him the shortcuts. “Dad wanted me to learn the math concepts first, then the shortcuts. Shortcuts are useless if I do not understand the concept. There are many formulas in math, but I should know the right formula to use.” From then on, his love for mathematics began to develop.

Zedric’s enjoyment of numbers increased as he expanded his knowledge and skills by solving problems and watching math videos on a streaming platform. His parents would also ask him random math problems at any time, and he would visualize them by writing on his palm.

Seeing Zedric’s love of numbers, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez encouraged him to begin competing in 2021. He did not medal in his early attempts, but the experience challenged him to keep practicing.

In 2023, opportunities for joining three olympiads opened for Zedric. He began to prepare. Weekdays were devoted to schoolwork and weekends were for competition reviews while still doing his household chores.

His parents, however, help him to maintain a healthy balance. “We are results-based when my parents check on my academic performance. If I am doing well, it means I’m on the right track. If I get low grades, they will intervene and check my schedule. Then they will teach me how to study, do homework, or review.” As a result, Zedric won a medal in each olympiad while maintaining his academic standing in the school.

So what were his takeaways after participating in BBB, TIMO, and HKISO? “Just keep on pushing. Resist the urge to quit! Another takeaway is the importance of practicing. Papa always encourages me to do that. For those who want to improve in science, we have to understand the topics very well. Mom’s reminder to me is always to take notes when the teacher is lecturing.”

With his eye on his future, Zedric knows that diligent practice, problem-solving, and time management are keys to a productive and successful career in engineering. “This is a math-intensive course, so I have to practice. This is my journey today!”

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