Falling in Love with the Most Hated Thing

Winning ‘Best Research Paper’ at the Kongreso ng Pananaliksik 2023

MAY 08


By: Madison Corinne V. Motril, 11 Amorsolo
OBMC, Fairview Campus
XSNRC Participant

Leaving a lasting impression matters. Whether it matters more than a first impression is open for debate, but ending on a high note certainly has its merits and gives a sense of vindication.

Grimaces and groans no longer come as a surprise whenever a teacher announces a research paper as a class project. Such response is understandable, especially as students think of scanning numerous related articles and organizing their own data. Even so, this does not mean the reaction will always be the same. Such was the case when Carlo Antonio T. Apud, Harry Peterson B. Mendoza, and I were selected to represent our school in the first Xavier School Nuvali (XSN) “Kongreso ng Pananaliksik”. Mr. Roberto P. Lim, Jr., was tasked to be our research adviser.

Once our Practical Research group had decided on our topic, we actively and even lovingly began calling the research project “our brainchild.” This moniker started as a running joke—lighthearted enough to keep us motivated throughout the writing and revising of our paper. Looking back at this practice, it makes me believe that the research process begins not only with ideas; it comes with an investment in such ideas, a virtual affection for what may still be merely an abstract faith in what such ideas can become.

Whether in our brief pep talks or random meetings while editing in Google Docs, consistently having each other to lean on in the group only reassured us that we all trusted our paper and its potential. With all the data and deadlines, difficulties were bound to arise but these same difficulties made “our brainchild” ripe for development.

Growth only becomes a reality when it is encouraged by the environment. With our early exposure to research and the flexibility provided by our Practical Research subject in the General Academic Strand curriculum, our journey in learning to appreciate the research process remained constant. In the end, we realized the sweet payoff. The research project not only enriched our O.B. Montessori Center (OBMC) educational journey, but also uplifted each member in seeing the fruits of their labor.

Though one word cannot fully articulate the feeling, being recognized as the Best Research Paper at the Xavier School Nuvali “Kongreso ng Pananaliksik” for 2023 was exhilarating. Having butterflies in our stomachs and our blazers proudly bearing the OBMC logo, we found a voice that echoed our love for cultivating knowledge.

Complicated as research is, there is never one clear-cut way to fall in love with it. Still, the possibility of falling in love with the research process exists—so vibrantly that one may even call it inevitable. When such an opportunity first introduces itself with an extended hand and an invitation to adventure, allow the hesitation to come. The hand will remain open anyway, never once doubting that it will eventually be taken eagerly.

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