Sealing Bonds of Friendships at Preziosa

MAY 26

Sealing Bonds of Friendships at Preziosa

By: Khloe Mari R. Mendoza, Sta. Ana Campus

Tagpuan sa Preziosa 2022 was the most unexpected, yet the most-awaited event we had, dating from the start of our online classes in 2020. This bubble weekend was a breath of fresh air for us after more than two years of being confined in our own homes. The pandemic took a toll on our mental health because of the repetitive daily routines and limited interactions with our peers.

During those three days from March 16–18 at Preziosa Botanic Resort, we made more than enough memories to make up for the two years of being apart from each other. Although we didn’t get to have the bonfire on our first night because it rained, this did not dampen our excitement. We spent the night bonding in the Istanbul Lounge where we sang our hearts out to different songs and played games.

The second day was the most memorable for me. We woke up at 5:00 a.m. and watched the beautiful sunrise. It was an unforgettable, sentimental moment as I looked at my friends while we were watching the rays of the sun herald the morning with music playing. That evening we had an elegant cocktail dinner where everyone looked so sophisticated in classy dress and suit. We enjoyed interacting with each other and watching our classmates perform.

It was difficult returning to our mundane lives after that weekend because it will be a long time before we see each other again. I hope to see all my friends and classmates after ten years, and together we will dig up the time capsule we planted and relive the experience we had in the scenic Preziosa Botanic Resort.