Getting Reconnected

MAY 26

Getting Reconnected

By: Rigel Nicole T. Sarmiento, Las Piñas Campus

Dragging and forcing.

This is what it usually felt like in online classes. The past two years were emotionally and mentally hard for students. There would be times when you feel drained from academics and just lose the motivation to go to school. With the separation and other restrictions given by the ongoing health crisis, you felt disconnected from most of your classmates and friends. But the SHS Tagpuan sa Preziosa turned this upside down.

It was a much-needed weekend at the Preziosa Botanic Resort with classmates and a getaway from reality. Tagpuan felt more like a reunion, which made all of our hearts full. There were so many things my friends and I had to catch up on. The small games we had in the pool, feeding the animals, planting a tree with my best friend, the unexpected emotional speeches during the cocktail night, the late-night talks in our villas, bonfire night, and all the other interactions with my classmates and teachers are memories I will cherish forever.

O.B. Montessori Center said it was not a retreat, but it felt like one because it refreshed our positive emotions. We came home reconnected with the classmates and teachers with whom we shared the experience. It was a fulfilling event and I will never be able to thank the school enough for giving us this outing before we kiss our high school life and OBMC goodbye.

Tagpuan was an event in March I never thought would happen my whole life as a Montessorian, especially in my graduating year during the pandemic. I never thought I would still be able to see my classmates and teachers with my own eyes outside the four corners of my computer screen. I cannot help but say, “Totoong tao pala kayo.”