A Weekend Like No Other

MAY 26

Sentimental Journey

By: Maxine S. De Guzman, Greenhills Campus

“What outfit will you bring? What's the weather like? I can't wait to finally meet our teachers!” These are conversations I heard from my classmates after receiving the SHS Tagpuan sa Preziosa circular.

After all the COVID-19 restrictions, we were finally going to be allowed to bond with our classmates and teachers for three straight days! The SHS Tagpuan sa Preziosa bubble weekend allowed us to reconnect for the very first time in almost three years.

When we saw each other at the school’s quadrangle last April, we felt the connection we’ve always had. We were definitely still bonded in spirit.

At the Preziosa Botanic Resort, every activity from hiking, planting trees, the bonfire experience, cocktails, formal dining, “A Night to Remember” at the Istanbul lounge, and a Filipino-themed fiesta at the Bahay Kubo all the more reinforced the brotherhood we have for one another and the spirit we built through the years at O.B. Montessori Center. Indeed these are moments in life money can’t buy.

The key moments of this trip that stood out were Cocktails, with everyone glammed up in clothing that helped set the mood, and “A Night to Remember,” which included a solo freestyle guitarist and the Newspaper Dance. In this game, the players did unexpected moves that gave everyone a good laugh. On our last day we had a Fiesta Lunch where we were given a letter that we wrote to ourselves during our 10th-grade retreat. This was the best way to end our trip.

This experience surely made us appreciate the many years we spent together at OBMC. Thank you to our OBMC teachers and personnel who made this weekend some of the best days of our lives!