Successful Businesses At SHS Entrep Fair 2024

MAY 31

The Senior High School Entrepreneurship Fair 2024 of O.B. Montessori Center recently concluded with the most successful businesses managed by the Grade 12 students across the five campuses.

Among the thirty-seven student startups, Suon from the Greenhills Campus was awarded the Overall Top Company of the Year and Overall Most Profitable Company. Suon, “Su-” from the word “sun” and “-on” from the word “moon,” retailed convertible canvas bags in colors named after astronomical concepts.

CooKeys (AN), Big Bang Brew Co. (FV), Gamer Sparklers (LP), and Sinag Sip (SA) won Top Company of the Year and the Most Profitable Company at their respective campuses.

Gamer Sparklers of the Las Piñas Campus, which sold video game-themed drinks, won as the business with the Overall Highest Return on Investment or ROI. Meanwhile, the brands with the Highest ROI at their campuses were the following: CooKeys (AN), Big Bang Brew Co. (FV), Suon (GH), and Joujou Slime (AN).

The Overall Best Marketer award went to Comet Cart of the Angeles Campus, which offered fandom-inspired apparel like T-shirts and pins. The awarded Best Marketer in the other campuses were Chur Hues (FV), Kibble Barks (GH), Gamer Sparklers (LP), and Sinag Sip (AN).

Crèmélange of the Greenhills Campus, which offered fragrance creams, won as the Overall Lead Innovator. Sunkissed Smiles (AN), Lip Luxxe (FV), Balmbastic (LP), and Joujou Slime (AN) were the Lead Innovators at their campuses.

The Senior High School Entrepreneurship Fair began in earnest from April to May 2024 when the student businesses marketed and sold their products online and on-site.

This annual fair is the culminating activity of the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) Department, where students experience managing a business while practicing social responsibility.

Check out the different student businesses across the five campuses here!