Winning Team at the SHS Intercampus Debate 2024

MAY 14

The Greenhills Campus Team was awarded the title “Debate Champion” of O.B. Montessori Center (OBMC) at the recently concluded Senior High School Intercampus Debate 2024 held last May 3. The Final Round took place at the Teatro Preciosa, Fairview Campus.

Among the eight teams of Grade 11 students who competed, the finalists were from the Greenhills and the Sta. Ana campuses. Julianna Kassandra Reyes, Hannah Mikaela Tibe, and Navneen Kaur represented the Greenhills Campus. André Joshua Flores, Anatalia Nicole Hermosa, and Ysabella Clarize Morales represented the Sta. Ana Campus.

The motion for the Final Round was “This house believes that aspiring national candidates (senator, vice president, and president) should have a prior local government position (mayor, vice mayor, etc.).”

As the Government, the Sta. Ana Team highlighted the idea of familiarity with the governance system and the opportunity to address national concerns if aspiring candidates have a prior local government position.

As the Opposition, the Greenhills Team stated having a prior position does not mean having the capabilities to run for national office. They emphasized that every Filipino has a chance to run as long as they have the credentials and the drive to serve the nation.

After the panel of adjudicators calculated their scores, they awarded the Greenhills Team as the Debate Champion.

Naveen Kaur won the Best Finals Speaker, while Hannah Mikaela Tibe won the Best Campus Speaker (GH) and the Overall Best Speaker.

The awarded Best Campus Speakers were Maria Lisette Sunga (AN), Phoebe Allen Yuma (FV), Anton John Nacino (LP), and André Joshua Flores (SA).

Marthena Sabine Lavilla from the Las Piñas Campus won as the Best Adjudicator.

The event began in February 2024 with an initial screening through a classroom debate. Then eight teams underwent a series of debate sessions from training until only two teams reached the Final Round.

The Senior High School Intercampus Debate is an annual event by the Department of English and Foreign Languages and the Department of Social Sciences. This activity offers the Grade 11 students a platform to exercise argumentation and delve into the country’s contemporary issues.

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