OBMC’s First Hydroponics Production Yields Successful Results

JAN 17


The students and Agriculture faculty across the five campuses of O.B. Montessori Center have successfully grown crops from their trial cycle of hydroponics production. They learned about this innovative method from the “Microgreen Production and Hydroponics” seminar led by Mr. Roel Guzman last September 22, 2023.

For the first cycle, the students and faculty used lettuce as their pilot crop and gained some valuable insights after harvesting.

First, hydroponics opens the advantages of unconventional agriculture to everyone, young or old. With hydroponics, everyone can practice sustainability in an urban environment by simply growing a farm using a styrofoam box, stagnant water, and nutrient solution.

Second, there is a solution to every problem such as the lack of farming space inside the campus and sunlight. Hydroponics is a game changer because the students and teachers can now grow crops efficiently by taking advantage of the school’s unused spaces.

Lastly, hydroponics resolves the concern on farming expenses. It is cost-effective because it only needs a nutrient solution and a few materials for a setup.


Starting next academic year, the Agriculture faculty will include hydroponics in the sustainable farming lessons of the Grade 6 students. The topic of sustainable farming will sum up what the students have learned about vegetable farming in Grade 4 and ornamental gardening in Grade 5.

Learning hydroponics will teach students the value of resourcefulness. Not only can they ensure a supply of fresh vegetables at home, but they can also explore the potential of unconventional agriculture as a business.

Moreover, the Agriculture faculty will coordinate with the Home Arts and the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) teachers to utilize the crops for cooking and selling after harvest.

In the meantime, they will execute another cycle of hydroponics. They will attempt to produce other vegetables like water spinach (kangkong), Chinese cabbage (pechay), and basil.

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