OBMC Honors Employee Excellence at the Service Awards Ceremony 2023

DEC 18


O.B. Montessori Center (OBMC) celebrated its employees' significant milestones and achievements in its annual Service Awards Ceremony last November 18, 2023, at the Maria Montessori Hall, OBMC Greenhills. Their contributions, big and small, have inspired the community to strive for excellence while upholding the Montessori principles.

One such inspiring individual is OBMC President Sara Francesca Soliven-De Guzman, who has been serving the school for thirty years.

After a lifetime of training and education here and abroad, Ms. Soliven-De Guzman began her OBMC career as a Casa teacher and worked her way up until she now stands at the helm of the O.B. Montessori school network as its president.

Over the past decade, she has demonstrated her ability to enhance and solidify relationships with local government units (LGUs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to further the cause of the child and so contribute to nation-building.


Ms. Soliven-De Guzman is a true Montessorian with a progressive mindset, ever discerning what is best for O.B. Montessori Center. The idea of students becoming valuable contributors to nation-building once they leave the campus has always been her primary goal and motivation.

Another inspiring individual is Debbie Marie Apiado, the Human Resources 2 (HR 2) Officer from the Greenhills Campus, who has dedicated 35 years to the school and its mission.

She began her OBMC career in the Accounting Department. Today, Ms. Apiado oversees the work of HR 2 with regard to employee compensation, benefits, and legal matters.

In return, one of the fruits of her labor has been to witness her children transform into young citizens of the country inside the institution which she loves.


Along with Ms. Soliven-De Guzman and Ms. Apiado, OBMC recognized twenty-seven more awardees according to their milestones.

Campus Manager Ms. Katherine Chua and Ms. Liezl Espinosa from the Sta. Ana campus joined President Soliven-De Guzman in serving the school for thirty years.


The employees who reached twenty-five years were as follows (see top photo): Campus Manager Ms. Audrey Paras (AN), Ms. Maria Delia Santos (GH), Ms. Cristina Barba (GH), Ms. Gina Jose (GH), Mr. Steven Iñigo (SA), Mr. Salvador Mendoza (GH), and Mr. Avelino Tenolete (GH).

The employees who reached twenty years were the following: Ms. Christy Morales (GH), Ms. Karelynn Lumboy (AN), Ms. Diamond Ramos (SA), and Ms. Joanne Florence Sarmiento (GH).


The employees who reached fifteen years were as follows: Ms. Romelyn Nardo (GH), Ms. Pannie Cruz (GH), Ms. Benilda Lozada (GH), and Ms. Victoria Lope (GH).

The employees who reached ten years were the following: Ms. Geneva Aguinaldo (SA), Mr. Ralph Joseph De Guzman (GH), Ms. Amelia Aguirre (AN), Ms. Lilibeth Navarro (FV), Ms. Anne Marie Cambe (FV), Ms. Ma. Celie Banting (GH), Ms. Chiqui Lovella Joy Clar (SA), Ms. Kathryn Ann Llamas (LP), Mr. Phil Ryan Mabilin (SA), and Mr. Fernando Pagtalunan (AN).

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