April 04, 2019

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. RA No. 10912 or the “CPD Act of 2016” was enacted to promote and upgrade the practice of the professions in the country and institute measures that will continuously improve the competencies of the professionals in accordance with the international standards of practice, thereby, ensuring their contribution in uplifting the general welfare, economic growth and development of the nation.

On February 7, PRC issued Resolution No. 2019-1146 that outlined the new Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the CPD Law. Significant provisions under the new IRR include: CPD is still a mandatory requirement for the renewal of the PRC ID of all registered and licensed professionals; significant decrease in the number of required CPD units for the renewal of professional license – from 45 units, it’s now down to 15 units every three years; and in-house trainings and capacity-building activities of government agencies and corporations, including local government units and private employers shall be credited and considered as CPD compliance.

In this regard, O.B. Montessori Center as an accredited CPD Provider (2018-163) announces the following CPD seminar-workshops to be conducted on April & May 2019 at O.B. Montessori Center Greenhills campus in Greenhills, San Juan.

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