• BF Homes in Las Piñas is an engaging warren of wide, tree-lined streets where private residences and commercial establishments mix. The over-all impression is that of a small metropolis, discerning in its tastes and competitive in its ventures, but more laid-back, relaxed, secure.

    It comes as no surprise that in a quiet corner of a subdivision, an OB Montessori has risen from the ground up. Here is one campus that prides itself in the lush greenery and the spacious gardens that surround it, all combining with a spacious, airy, sunlit structure that services the Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Parañaque and Cavite areas. 

    A gated entrance and driveway leads up the main building. As one drives in, the multi-purpose hall is also seen.  Pocket gardens delineate the distinct areas and walkways. The first and most lasting impression is that of a small, well –ordered campus, connected to, but also separate from the bustle outside the subdivision.

    The three-story campus grew from a townhouse where the campus was initially founded. The original site now sits at the back of the property and houses the Casa and Grade school sections. A staff house for new teachers sits next to the original site, as well as woodwork area where all the Montessori materials used in other campuses, are manufactured by hand.

    The pride of this campus is in the garden and orchard that the students and staff tend to. Theirs is no pocket garden, but a working mini-farm.  Open sheds house potted ornamentals as well as fruit tree saplings. There is also a fish pen for tilapia, as well as neatly-managed compost piles. 

    This vital work and learning space was the result of a memorandum of agreement between OB and Kasetsart University in Thailand.  The Thai university was represented by visiting Professor Charuphant Thongtham. Upon seeing the campus, he was delighted to see the open spaces, and quickly got down to work, inspiring the staff to use areas of the property in a productive manner patterned after the self-sufficiency farm project of the late Thai Monarch, Bhumibol Adulyadej.  It is in King Bhumibol’s honor that the garden-farm area has been named after.  And it is this outstanding feature that has given the campus its identity as OB’s “Green” campus.  

    O.B. Las Piñas takes pride in how the parents of the students view the campus. They  always visit the campus and grace special events. They say the campus feels relaxing and very conducive to learning. They enjoy strolling through the grounds and seeing the gardens. And they take special pride in knowing that their children have had a direct hand in tending to the plants and trees. Then, when they visit the classrooms and laboratories, they really get an idea of how the Montessori system puts a premium on both academic learning as well as hands-on experience. As a whole, this campus shows that balance that is such a cornerstone of Montessori education.

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