• It feels like a compliment when students and alumni of OB Montessori Greenhills describe their campus as “Hogwart’s”. The school where Harry Potter learned magic may be a literary fantasy. But it is an apt comparison for this OB campus, which has grown at a busy corner of Greenhills. Here indeed, is the Mother house, the Command post, the Center. It is also the mold on which all the other campuses have been built.

    Totally unique to the Greenhills campus is the huge and colorful sculptural tableaux that stands at the entrance called the Holy Family Shrine. This and other sculptural renditions based on Biblical figures are certainly unique eye-catchers.

    The open courtyard has a nipa hut that one can actually live in.  It is called the Mothercraft house.  More than just a nod to Filipiniana, it is the place where mothers participating in the school’s outreach program learn crafts.  Important visitors are also served barrio fiesta meals here. There is a distinct sense of Pinoy pride all over the campus, in paintings, objects and especially, in the activities.

    Over the years, the campus has grown to eight stories.  Though there are working elevators, the fun is in taking the staircases and getting lost on the floors and connections. No wonder that the students are reminded of the magical changing staircases of Hogwart’s.

    An outstanding feature of the Greenhills campus is the Maria Montessori Hall, a multi-purpose theater space at the top floor. The space is home to PE activities, group work, school events. It is also the home of the Spectacle, the aptly-named show held every two years.  From High Schoolers who had mastered the difficult Jota Manila and Balagtasan forms, to (of course!) hip hoppers and rappers.

    The Spectacle involves almost all students and faculty of all the campuses with each number highlighting the talents of one particular campus. Imagine having almost three hundred participants of different age groups in a show. The amount of coordination and manpower needed to run a Spectacle is daunting.

    But it is through activities like the Spectacle where the Faculty of OB show their mettle. Working as one coordinating body, the sequence flows seamlessly, with nary a hitch, accident or mishap.  Performers were guided, traffic was planned way ahead of time, time was not wasted. I came away with the impression that the discipline and single-mindedness of the faculty had carried over to the student body.  A testament to the Montessori philosophy of dedicated and fulfilled person-hood in action.

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