• When you visit this particular campus north of Manila, you get a feeling of déjà vu. Are you in the Greenhills headquarters? In terms of the layout, this campus adheres most closely to the mother house.   But look again.  The corridors seem wider. The planning, more deliberate. The clever use of   grill work and decorative flourishes, more contemporary. Welcome to OB Montessori Fairview.

    The newest of the OB campuses, it is reflective of the tastes and aspirations of the families the school serves.  They are not only from Fairview, but from as far as Tandang Sora and Bulacan. OB Fairview parents are younger. They have just started building their careers and families. They don’t just want a school, they are searching for a community that shares their standards and their dreams.  They see a campus that reflects their own sensibilities.

    The Fairview campus reflects the contemporary tastes of this generation of young parents, just as it references the Greenhills headquarters. There is an over-all feeling of shiny brightness to this campus. This is evident in the straight, clean lines and mouldings, the wrought iron paneling on the stairwells that cleverly allow for air circulation, in the large open central courtyard that allows for natural light to pervade. Then, there is the very chic bistro, where Al Fresco dining becomes a regular experience for the students.  

    The studied balance between the OB Montessori template and the contemporary approach reflects the personality of Sara Soliven –De Guzman, OB Chief Operating Officer. She personally worked with the architects on updating the template for the larger, more spacious Fairview property.  The resulting mix of traditional template and modern touches is a testament to Sara’s vision for a modern OB campus.  The Teatro Preciosa, with its wall of photographs honoring her mother, may well be the sentimental touch, one that honors OB tradition amidst the contemporary styling.  

    But what is most important is how this Modern sensibility carries beyond the public spaces and recreational features, and into the learning spaces and laboratories. The Library is a prime example, with its neat shelves of classics and clear-glass cases filled with current periodicals. In the High school Audio Visual studios, tiered floors allow for clearer views and better acoustics. Clear glass panes in the hall walls allow visitors to peer into classrooms without disrupting the class. And even the staircases have steps calibrated for more mobility.

     Indeed, OB Fairview could very well be the template for future OB campuses.

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