• O.B. Montessori - Fairview

  • It is the only campus that was built entirely from the ground up, back in 2010 in a strategic location along Belfast Street, Neopolitan IV-Brittany Subdivision in Fairview, Quezon City.  It was given a more modern touch by its team of architects and designers, deviating from the look of the other campuses. While the other campuses embody elements of their former incarnations, with touches of the eras in which they were built and a European architectural influence, the Fairview branch was given a modern Asian look.  Its planning follows the green building code, using natural ventilation and light in public areas, while LED lights, which are more comfortable for reading, are used in the classrooms.  The modern facilities such as the Teatro Preciosa and a comfortable, child-friendly library that encourages exploration and learning.

  • Our Facilities

  • Casa Classroom

    JHS Classroom

    Science Laboratory

    Agriculture Area

    Guidance Office

    Bistro Amore

  • Primary Classroom

    SHS Classroom

    Computer Laboratory




  • Intermediate Classroom

    Music Room

    TLE Laboratory

    Registrar’s Office

    Teatro Preciosa

    Comfort Room

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  • Address:

         Napoli Street, Neopolitan

         IV-Britanny Subd., Fairview

         Quezon City

  • Telephone Numbers:

         (02)461-7773 / (02) 461-7774

         (02)373-3661 / (02)373-3662

         (02)829-0693 (fax)