• Being the farthest from the Greenhills headquarters, it is a surprise to see that OB Angeles most faithfully adheres to the lay-out of the mother house. A crucial difference is in the surroundings. While OB Greenhills sits, cheek-by-jowl, next to restaurants and commercial establishments, OB Angeles nestles gently among residential homes in a quiet area in Angeles City. Right next to it is a homey little sari-sari store with hedges of ornamentals.  Across the campus, are private residences. In the distance, one glimpses rice fields and the serene Mt. Arayat.

    It is this mix that clues the visitor in to the unique character of this OB outpost in the north. Originally housed in the Lacson mansion, the campus has changed location twice before finding its present location housing all levels.

    While the students may be exposed to an internationally-recognized teaching method, they are still very much a part of their province, their community, their hometown.  And while Angeles may seem a very cosmopolitan city, it is proudly Kapampangan.

    A reminder of this identity are the artworks in the lobby and in the public spaces of the campus. Through these works, students and visitors can gaze lovingly at a pastoral lifestyle that may be fast going.  A more savory reminder is the occasional Kapampangan feast laid out for visitors. Ah yes, to be at a Kapampangan table is to dine well.

    During events when all OB campuses come together, yet another Kapampangan trait is at the fore.  They always come fully prepared and ready to shine, making light of the Kapampangan fondness for showy outings.

    Indeed, there is an air of laid-back genteelity that pervades the campus. Nowhere is this more evident than in the spacious Teatro Maximo, a multi-purpose theater on the top floor. A gracious lobby is decked with period photographs of the late Maximo Soliven, as well as framed poems that the Journalist-Statesman penned to the twin loves of his life, the Mother country, and of course, his wife, Preciosa. These touches make the theater lobby feel a bit like an ancestral home.

    O.B. Angeles campus students come from all over Pampanga, although they seem to have a very Manila-centric point of view. Many of the households from which they come from now speak only in either English and Filipino. So, it is one of the goals of the school to imbibe in them, a pride of place, an identity that they can hold on to and be proud of when they leave OB.

    A sector of the student population are the children of the American servicemen from Clark Field and Subic who have retired in the Philippines, officers and servicemen who have chosen to marry and raise their families in Angeles.

    These retired Officers and servicemen take an active role in raising their children. They would constantly dialogue with the teachers and staff. They share their observations and suggestions on the curriculum, lessons, the methods of teaching. And they take a very active part in the events and extra-curricular activities.  They want to grow with their children, something that the school values in a Montessori parent.

    Rooted in the culture of a province, yet welcoming and inclusive. This could be the most endearing and unique quality of OB Angeles.

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