• O.B. Montessori - Angeles

  • O.B. Montessori in Angeles started out on two separate locations: the Lacson mansion in Sto. Entierro Street then in a house owned by Amanda Serrano-Joven in Villa Gloria Subdivision.  It was an answer for a call to bring the system to the American children living in the Clark Field base during the 1960’s, but Dr. Soliven wanted to hold it outside of the base so other children can also benefit from learning the Montessori way. While the branch is located outside of the city, the present campus along McArthur highway offers all the modern amenities of the school system’s other campuses.  

  • Our Facilities

  • Casa Classroom

    JHS Classroom

    HS Music Room

    TLE Laboratory



    Teatro Maximo


  • Primary Classroom

    SHS Classroom

    Science Laboratory

    Agriculture Area

    Registrar’s Office

    Bistro Sta. Chiarra

    Basketball/Volleyball Court

    Comfort Room

  • Intermediate Classroom

    Casa/Primary Music Room

    Computer Laboratory

    Pet Area

    Guidance Office

    Casa & Primary Waiting Area


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  • Address:

         MacArthur Highway,

         Angeles City, Pampanga

  • Telephone Numbers:

         (045)304-0956 / (045)626-1148


         (045)626-1189 (fax)